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Cooling installations and thermal conditioning

Industrial refrigeration system

  • From 1985 onwards, our firm designed, managed and put into operation industrial refrigeration systems used in the meat industry, for cooling fruit, water, soft drinks and for air conditioning and cooling products in the food industry in general.

    Some examples are:

  • Cold rooms for handling meat of cattle, sheep and swine at different stages of operation, from pre-cold after slaughter to cooling or freezing the final product for shipment.
  • Management of cold chain in the fruit industry, including hydro-coolers, deverdización, precooling, cooling and maintaining controlled atmospheres
  • Cooling water and brine solutions to handle indirect cooling in agro-industrial facilities.
  • Cool soft drink at bottling industries.
  • Cooling must for the wine industry.

Industrial refrigeration system

We have done installations of temperature and humidity control in:

  • Meat processing
  • Fruit processing
  • Commercial buildings and offices.
  • Wineries.
  • Olive oil plant


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